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Biggest Makeup Bag

$TT 299.00

SIZE- D-5.5” (D inside-4”), H- 13”, W-18”

11 in stock

Category: Makeup Brushes, Makeup Cases
  • Professionally Used– This makeup bag has a very professional and classy look hence it is loved by many. Not only makeup artist but also barbers and nail techs enjoy using this bag.
  • Full size mirror– This bag is different from the medium not only because it is bigger in size but it also comes with a mirror inside. This is beneficial to persons who such as barber or makeup artist to show their clients how they look.
  • Has adjustable straps– This makeup bag has straps for the shoulder which makes it easy to carry around instead of holding it by the handles.
  • Adjustable compartments– This makeup bag is very popular because of the way the compartments inside can be adjusted to suit the item. Also, the compartments are so strong (meaning it is not flimsy) so your products would not move around when travelling. Additionally, this bag has 3-layercompartments for different products for example a place for brushes, a bigger space for palettes.
  • Multiple colours- This makeup bag comes in pink and black which are two popular colours enjoyed by its users.
  • Durable fabric- This bag is made out of strong, waterproof fabric.
  • Attachable strap- The item has a strap at the bag that allows the item to be attached to a train case or even a suitcase for travel
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