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3pc Floating Shelf- Pink

$TT 150.00

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Category: Floating Shelves, Miscellaneous
  1. Wooden finish- this floating shelf is made out of MDF wood.
  2. Multiple colours- this floating shelf comes in various colours such as purple, blue, light pink, green, white and black.
  3. Saves space- this floating shelf can help save on space since it attaches to the wall. It also have three shelves which gives the user more space to store items.
  4. Great display- It is ideal for displaying collectibles and picture frames.
  5. Modern finish- this floating shelf adds a great finish to any space. It helps lift a room and has a classy finish.
  6. Perfect gift- this floating shelf is very neat and small to transport since it comes in a small box. Hence, it can be easily given as a gift.
  7. Easy to mount onto wall- this floating shelf comes with wall plugs and nails in the box so the user can easily attach to the wall.
  8. Smallest- Width 12″, Middle- Width-18″ Biggest- 24″ and Height-4″
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