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5PC Colour Changing Cup – 710ml

$TT  79.00

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Category: Tumbler Cups/Water Bottles
  • Colour Changing – When you add cold drinks and ice cubes to these plastic cups, the cups will change colours.
  • Splash-proof and easy to clean: Cups, lids and straws are made of high-quality food-grade materials and do not contain BPA.
  • Convenient Design – These 710ml plastic cups come with lids and straws, and the cups and lids can be stacked to save space, so when you go out and play, they can be taken anywhere with you.
  • SKU: #BT 03-33/38.
  • Delivery cost quoted is within a 20km radius of warehouse located #2 Trantrill Road Ext St Augustine. Cost is subject to change and may vary based on quantity and location.
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