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Acrylic Kit NS 02-04

$TT 119.00

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Category: Nail Art
  • BEGINNERS FRIENDLY: Perfect tools for both professional BEGINNER nail technician and at home DIY nail lover. More details and usage method in the product description
  • SWEET TIP:  When you are able to do nails well, you can do it on your own nails. Hope you can practice more, and I believe you can do beautiful nails.
  • ACRYLIC POWDER TIP: Run the brush through the acrylic powder so that a small moist ball collects on the end of the brush, then apply the acrylic ball to your nails
  • REMOVE: When you remove it, pls use professional tools, such as drill to remove OR soak of Acetone. 
  • Product description
    Package includes:
    1xAcrylic powder – Pink
    1x Acrylic powder – White
  • 1xAcrylic powder- Clear
  • 1x Cleaning nail brush
    1x Nail file
    2x Different sizes nail brush
    1x Nail Cutter
    1x Curved Tweezer
    1x Dapping Dish
    500pc Nail Tips- white
    12 pcs Metal Glitter Decoration 3g each
  • 12 pcs Micro Beads Decoration 3g each
  • Model Finger
  • SKU NO.: NS 02-04
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