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Acrylic Kit NS 02-09

$TT 349.00

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Category: Acrylic Kit, Nail Art
  • BEGINNERS FRIENDLY: Perfect tools for both professional BEGINNER nail technician and at home DIY nail lover. More details and usage method in the product description
  • SWEET TIP:  When you are able to do nails well, you can do it on your own nails. Hope you can practice more, and I believe you can do beautiful nails.
  • ACRYLIC POWDER TIP: Run the brush through the acrylic powder so that a small moist ball collects on the end of the brush, then apply the acrylic ball to your nails
  • REMOVE: When you remove it, pls use professional tools, such as drill to remove OR soak of Acetone. 
  • Product description
    Package includes:
    1xAcrylic powder – Pink
    1x Acrylic powder – White
  • 1xAcrylic powder- Clear
  • 1x Acrylic liquid -120ml
    1x Cleaning nail brush
    1x Nail file
    3x Nail glue(10g)
    5x Different sizes nail brush
    1x Nail Cutter
    1x Cuticle oil
    1x Curved Tweezer
    1x Dapping Dish
    500pc Nail Tips- white
    12 pcs Metal Glitter Decoration 3g each
    18pcs colored acrylic powder 3g each
  • Model Finger
  • SKU NO.: NS 02-09
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