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Acrylic Wall Shelf

$TT 59.00

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Category: Cosmetic Organizers, Storage and home organization

1) Durable – This shelf is made from acrylic plastic which is 50% lighter than glass but it’s 10 times more impact-resistant.

2) Easy to maintain – This item can be cleaned easily by using a damp microfiber cloth.

3) Multipurpose – This item can be used to store nail polish, picture frames and it can be used in a bathroom to store small toiletries.

4) Easy Installation – This item is simple to set up as only two holes need to be drilled into the user’s wall. The accessories needed such as wall plugs, screws and a screwdriver is included in the packaging.

5) Dimensions – Width – 15″ Height – 2″ Depth – 4″.

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