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Air Bruna 1.20 Trid 4 Door Upper Cabinet-White

$TT 799.00

Type– Air Bruna 1.20 Trid 3 Door Upper Cabinet
Subject- #5618
Shape– Rectangular
Size- W-47.5”, H- 24.5”, D-13”
Material– Commercial MDF and Particle Board
Number of Shelves– 1 shelf

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Category: Kitchen Cabinets
  1. Multiple colours- this kitchen cupboards comes in two colours white and almond/ cream. Therefore, it can complement any décor.
  2. Spacious- this 4-door kitchen cabinet has more storage space and can be used to store bigger items. It is also wider which means that it can store more items.
  3. Glass doors- two of the doors in this kitchen cabinet has glass which makes it easier for the user to see the items inside (transparent).
  4. Mount onto wall- this kitchen cabinet comes with screws so it can be mounted onto the wall. Therefore, it does not occupy plenty space in the kitchen.
  5. Width-47.5″ Depth-13″ Height-24.5
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