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Bamboo Laptop Desk – With Cooling Fan

$TT 199.00

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Category: Desks, Laptop Desk

1) Portable – This desk is simple and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around.

2) Multifunctional – Not only can this item work as a laptop desk, but also as a serving tray and a tablet holder.

3) Heat Dissipation – This desk has multiple cut outs on the surface that acts as vents which makes the heat easy to dissipate, it also comes with a fan to keep the device cool.

4) Eco-Friendly – This laptop desk is made from Natural Eco-friendly and sturdy bamboo board which is very high in quality.

5) Dimensions – Height 9″-12″ Width – 21″ Depth 13.5″.

6) SKU: DN 01-01

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