Brush Belt

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Category: Makeup Brushes
  • Makeup Brushes seen in the photos above are not included.
  • Leather finish– The brush belt has a smooth leather finish which makes it look professional and very classy. Therefore, this is a favourite for makeup enthusiast.
  • Various compartments– This brush belt can store different width and sizes of brushes. Additionally, there are larger compartments to store other makeup items than brushes. Hence makeup lovers would store all their favourite brushes in it so they can access it easily.
  • Adjustable straps– This brush belt has adjustable straps so it can be used by anyone. This also gives comfort for the users.
  • Ideal for professional makeup artist-This brush belt is bigger than others therefore it can hold more items. There are multiple zip compartments to store makeup products which would be beneficial to professional makeup artist. They would feel comfortable and work efficiently with this brush belt.
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