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Elite Multipurpose Storage Cabinet-Walnut

$TT 999.00

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Category: Storage and home organization

1) Versatile use – This product can be used for storage in any room either in the home or office.

2) Multipurpose – This product can be used to store a wide array of different items such as fabrics, clothing, shoes , food items, etc.

3) Secure – This item is equipped with a locking system on the doors, so therefore it provides an additional sense of security as personal items can be stored.

4) Disassembled in a box, RTA. Assembly is $150.00 if needed.

Assembly link https://brandsourcett.com/product/assembly-fee-for-storage-drawers-on-wheels/

5) Dimensions: Height – 57″ * Width – 35″ * Depth – 15.5″.

6) SKU #20220-108

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