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Laptop Tray-Slightly Damage – Special

$TT 199.00

10 in stock

Category: Desks, Laptop Desk

1)Fold-out design- this laptop desk can easily be folded out. Hence, it is neat and small for the user to carry around, with a CUP HOLDER.

2)Non-slip bottom design- this helps to ensure that the desk legs do not slip. Hence, it keeps the laptop sturdy.

3)Multi-purpose Laptop Desk- this desk can be practical since it can be used as a workstation or a table to eat on.

4)Multiple colours- this desk comes in pink, green, maple and blue only.

5)Width-23.5″ Depth-16″ Height-11″

6) SKU: #LT01-04.

7) Put Color Request in Notes: Blue, Green, Maple and Pink Available. 

8) Items are slightly damaged. Rubber slightly damaged.

9) Special 2 for $199.00

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