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Black Metal Storage Rack- 3 Tiers

$TT 249.00

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Category: Metal Storage Units, Miscellaneous, Storage and home organization

1)Black finish only-this means that it can compliment any decor or space perfectly. The black coating over the metal protects it from water and rust.

2)Space saving storage- along with the 3 tiers/ shelves, there are 4 hooks at the side to hang potholders or utensils. Additionally, there is shorter shelf at the top to store lighter items. The 3 larger shelves can store a microwave or toaster oven.

3)Easy to assemble- this shelf has clips to just slide on. This helps to ensure that the shelf remain sturdy.

4)Metal construction- this shelf is stronger because of the metal used. Hence, it is more durable / long lasting to the user.

5)Height-47″ Width-22″ Depth-13″

6)Item Comes Disassembled in a Box for you to assemble

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