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Mini Facial Steamer

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Category: Facial Tools


  • Fast Heat – Upgraded fast heating technology adopted ensures 30s fast spraying, large amounts of spray efficiently penetrate into skin for moisturizing.
  • Safe and Durable Design – High temperature resistant ABS material offers durability, bell-shape design sprayer can effectively prevent water from splashing.
  • Users Friendly Design – Water off auto power-off operation and anti-skid bottom ensure security and efficiency, one button design for instant operation, compact and stylish appearance makes it a wonderful decoration as well.
  • All in One Facial Steamer – Helps in moisturizing and hydration. Also wonderful for skin condition improvement, controlling oil, removing blackheads and wrinkles and more.
  • Innovative Design for Convenience – Nano mist that is fine and smooth for better skin care, detachable sprayer nozzle for easy cleaning.


  • Place the device on a flat surface.
  • Open the dust cap.
  • Add water to the water tank, and close on the cap.
  • Connect to the power, press the button to start the spraying.
  • After using, please empty the water inside after the water cools down.


  • To ensure security, the distance between the sprayer and user must be more than 20cm.
  • To avoid the danger of water spraying, no medicine drop or essential oil can be directly dropped into the water tank.
  •  Disconnect the power cord and disassemble the facial steamer before cleaning.
  • Do not use a cleaner that is sharp, corrosive, volatile, and more.
  • This product is only used for home health care, it is not suitable for commercial use.

The Following people should not use it:

  • Women during pregnancy or menstruation.
  • Allergies crowd, skin disease, atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin and severe sunburn.
  • Skin lesions, eczema, swelling crowds.
  • Kids and people who are not capable of normal sense or intelligence.

Specification: SKU: #MC 01-06N, Material: ABS, Voltage: 220V-50hz, Power: 300W, Water tank capacity: 110ml, Cable length: 100cm±3cm, Item size: 17.3x 12.8 cm

Package Contents: 1 x facial steamer, 1 x measuring glass, 1 x funnel, 1 x users manual.

Delivery cost quoted is within a 20km radius of warehouse located #2 Trantrill Road Ext St Augustine. Cost is subject to change and may vary based on quantity and location.

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