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Portable Shoe Rack

$TT 199.00

Type– Portable Shoe Rack
Subject- 0512
Shape– Rectangular
Size- W-23″ H-60″ D-11″
Material– Nonwoven fabric and plastic connectors.
Number of Shelves– 9 shelves

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Category: Miscellaneous
  1. Temporary use- this portable shoe rack can be used for short term purposes only.
  2. Multiple colours- this portable shoe rack has various colours which can suit the user’s preference.
  3. Economical- instead of buying a wooden shoe stand which tends to be costly, the user can save money from purchasing this portable wardrobe.
  4. Dust proof- portable storage closet comes with roll/down cover, so your shoes and clothing stays clean from any dust particles.
  5. Abundant storage- this portable shoe rack has 9 shelves. The user would have the comfort of stacking each pair of shoes neatly and would be organized.
  6. Easy to assemble- This portable shoe rack is very easy to assemble and require no tools. It comes with plastic connectors and soft fabric that make assembling the item easier.
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