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Rose Gold Desk Organizers – Group 1

$TT 230.00

13 in stock

Category: Desks, Miscellaneous

1) Space Saving – These desk organizers can easily hold all of your pens, rulers, scissors, paper and and all important files.

2) Durable – These desk organizers are made from sturdy, stylish, high quality rose gold metal which makes them resistant to everyday impact.

3) Neat & Tidy – These desk organizers help to bring out the appearance of any work station as it helps to maintain the cleanliness of the work area.

4) This Group consist of 1 File Basket, 1 Pen Holder and 1 Bookend.

5) SKU: File Basket #DG 02-09, Pen Holder #DG 01-01, Bookend #DG 02-12.

Please Note: All Deliveries are done through TTPOST courier. $50 Delivery cost can only be done on one grouping, if purchasing additional items delivery will be an additional cost. 


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