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Storage Boxes

$TT 100.00

10 in stock

Category: Miscellaneous

1) Great deal- these bins are for our 6 and 9 Storage Cabinet. 10.5″ x 10.5″  Cube STORAGE BOXES

2)Additionally storage- these bins are usually bought to store items away to prevent cluttering. For example in a child’s playroom these bins are essential to store toys neatly.

3)Saves on space- these bins are collapsible so they can easily be put away until they are ready for use again.

4)Variety of colours- these bins comes in many different colours such as navy blue, black, white, gray, red, purple, green and pink.

5)ST 01-36 – 3 Pieces for $100.00 – Assorted Colors

6)Please Note Colors requested in notification box on purchase. 

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