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Storage Box Leather-Black

$TT 299.00

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Category: Storage and home organization


  • Foldable- this storage ottoman comes folded which makes it easy to carry around. Additionally, no tools are required to assemble therefore making it easy to assemble.
  • Additional storage space- this larger storage ottoman can aid in the organization of any space since it has a great volume to store various items.
  • Perfect stool- because this storage ottoman is made from leather it makes it comfortable for the user to sit on. Therefore, this can be used in any room of the house for storage and as a seat.
  • Leather finish- the upholstering of this storage ottoman is leather which gives it a clean and smooth finish. Additionally, it is easy to clean since it has a smooth surface and dirt/ dust can wipe off.
  • Width-30″ Height-15″ Depth-15″
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