Privacy Policy

Brand Source main aim is to maximize customer’s privacy when they are using our online website. We ensure that customers feel safe and comfortable when shopping online. Our privacy policy would highlight how we intend to protect all information whether personal information or non- personal information.

Why do we need personal information?
Personal information would be the user’s name, phone number, address and email address. This information would be required for the user to activate their profile on our website. This information is anonymous to the public and can only be seen by the authorized owners of the website. This personal information can be used for various reasons such as:

• To collect payments
• Personalize the website for the user
• For direct communication with the user by answering their questions and receiving feedback.

Why do we use non-personal information?
Non- personal information would also be needed from the customer/ user such as demographic data or the URL searches. This would help us understand new and trending patterns or needs on the market. We would see how many people are reacting to a certain post and from this we can decide if the product is in high demand or not. However, non personal information is also disclosed from the public or other suppliers hence our customers would be protected.

How is our user’s information protected?
As mentioned, all our information personal and non- personal would be secured and can only be accessed by authorized owners of the website. Additionally, another way to secure or protect the rights of our users is through the use of cookies. Cookies would be used so when the customer is not activated for a short period of time the user profile will be logged off. This would ensure that their information is protected from other users.

What rights do our users have?
The user or customer on this website would have the right to contact us to update their profile information or tell us that they do want to be apart of the website anymore. We put our customers first and those who want to subscribe or unsubscribe to our services can do so privately and their information would be protected. The user can exercise their rights freely and we at Brand Source would ensure we adhere to them.

What happens when we change our privacy policy?
The privacy policy is inevitable to change. The user must first read them before building their profile with us. Additionally, any major changes to our privacy policy will be stated on web site.