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12″ Ring Light

$TT 599.00

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Category: Ring Lights

1)Standing tripod- this ring light comes with a 5FT tripod.

2)Adjustable lighting- this ring light has 3 colour lighting modes. Hence it can be adjusted to the user preference.

3)Phone holder available- this ring light has a rotatable phone holder so the user can position the phone to the angle they prefer.

4)Perfect for videos- this ring light is the new modern gift. Persons buy these to tape their videos or to take spectacular photos.

5)Selfie remote included- this ring light comes with a selfie remote which connects to the phone via Bluetooth so the user can take photos and videos from afar.

6) Available in black or pink.

7) SKU: #NW 01-10.

8) Attention Customers: Delivery cost is subject to change and may vary depending on quantity and location. 

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