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16″ Muscle/Massage Roller Stick

$TT 50.00

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Category: Miscellaneous


  • 2 For $100.00
  • Massage Stick Roller – Targets pressure points to stimulate tissue recovery and promote circulation for rapid healing.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Spiked nodules provide deep tissue massage for effective relief and treatment of muscle pain and soreness.
  • Athletic Recovery Tool – Ideal for runners and athletes recovering from sports related injuries or strains helps to compress and stretch muscles and reduce trigger points.
  • Cellulite Blaster – Also works great in helping to roll and smooth out tough skin spots and helps to ease leg pain at night related to restless leg syndrome.
  • Dimensions – 16″ inch long x 2.5″ wide massage roller with 2 ergonomic grip handles on both ends and three independent massage balls.
  • SKU: #AM 01-03.
  • Delivery cost quoted is within a 20km radius of warehouse located #2 Trantrill Road Ext St Augustine. Cost is subject to change and may vary based on quantity and location.
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