Astral Chest of Drawer-White

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Category: Chest of Drawers
  1. Small and compact- because of this feature it can fit anywhere in a room. It can be kept in a corner hence making the room seem more spacious.
  2. Economical- compared to the other chest of drawers, this chest of drawer is very reasonable and budget friendly.
  3. Hallow bottom drawer- this chest drawer has a deeper drawer at the bottom to store heavier or more clothes. Most users prefer this because they get more storage space.
  4. Multiple colours- it comes in three colours: white, brown and walnut.
  5. Height-34″ Width -25″ Depth-16″
  6. Item Comes Disassembled in a Box for you to Assemble.
  7. Made of Commercial MDF and Particle Board.
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