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Lips Train case

$TT 499.00

SIZE – H-19.5”, D- 9.5”, W-13.5”

7 in stock

Category: All products, Makeup Cases
  • Professionally Used– This makeup train case has aclassy yet stylish finish which highlights qualities of the user.
  • Train Trolley– This makeup train case comes with wheels making it very efficient for travel. Perfect for our up and coming makeup artists, but it can also be enjoyed by your everyday makeup lover.
  • Various colours– This makeup train comes in a multitude of colours and texture perfect for each user’s preference. It is a colourful makeup train for those users who find themselves a little ‘EXTRA.’ For example (ice cubes, crocodile print and lips).
  • Adjustable compartments– This makeup train case has 2 extendable tiers on each side.
  • Excellent storage space– Along with the extendable tiers, it also has a large hallow compartment to store larger items such as makeup palettes.
  • Durable exterior– This makeup train case has a smooth surface which makes it easy to clean.
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